La Maison Valmont conveys the inspiration and creativity of a multi-talented family through luxury, anti-aging skincare and fragrances with effectiveness, sensory and olfactory experiences, combined along with a virtuous passion for modern art.


A true master of high-performance anti-aging care since 1985, Valmont has been perpetuating the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics, with treatments that offer instant and lasting results of unparalleled quality. The pure and unspoiled environment of Switzerland is the cradle of Valmont care, whose exceptional quality is the fruit of a subtle combination of alpine ingredients and cutting-edge scientific expertise.


A sublime blend of the finest cellular cosmetic technology and premium natural ingredients, l’Elixir des Glaciers delivers maximum efficacy in exceptionally sensorial textures. Each of the three l’Elixir des Glaciers skincare collections is inspired by nature’s treasures to offer anti-aging, nourishing and brightening solutions.


The art of perfume in 3 original collections inspired by art and craftmanship, women and the harmony of contrasts, and a mosaic of emotions.


When Art Meets Beauty.
Year after year, Didier Guillon has built an acute knowledge and taste for modern and contemporary art. An artist himself, he has always considered art as core inspiration and the most exclusive partner for beauty.